How Yoga Can Help With Your Back Pain

It may seem like an insane suggestion, given the poses that some of the experts manage to find themselves in, but if you suffer from back pain you may find that the answer to your problems lies in yoga. One caveat to this is that you should always speak to your doctor before signing up […]

Use Yoga To Say Bye-Bye To Stress

Anyone who suffers from stress can easily bear witness to the destruction that it causes. For anyone who has had to live with stress – or live with someone who lives with it – the effects are quite distressing. It rips the enjoyment out of things you had come to rely on. It can lead […]

The Three-Part Breath – A Relaxation Exercise To Cherish

One yoga exercise that is beneficial in a number of settings – not least for insomniacs and sufferers of stress – is known as the “Three Part Breath”. You will see in a moment how it got its name, but you can probably already guess. As you will see, this exercise works very well when […]

Something To Meditate Upon

Whether or not you are religious, and whether or not you are spiritual, there are genuine benefits to meditation, and involving it in your yoga regime can really pay off big-time if you are stressed, depressed or concerned about anything. While meditation is a big part of yoga for those who are spiritual, there is […]